Hi! I'm Fern (sometimes ffernn) and this is a lil site I put together to kinda collate a bunch of info about me and what I've done!

There's a navbar to the left to get around and a theme switcher at the bottom for those who prefer light mode (or just want to see the cool colour change)

Some info about this site:

  • It's all made in one html file, images, scripts and stylesheets included
  • It's only about 166kb minified
  • And it took me probably 3 weeks on and off to make

Getting up close and personal 😳

The basics

I'm 14 years old and I was born and live in Australia. I love coding, music and video games. (including making music and video games). I've also started to do a lot of 3D archviz and VFX stuff which I'm really enjoying


Quick answer: he/him or she/her

Long answer: I dunno how I came to this conclusion but I don't mind which pronouns people refer to me with. Basically just use whichever YOU think is right for me. Obviously that won't work for people who don't know me too well, so if you're not sure just use he/him. For more information check out my pronouns.page.

Gender Identity

Right. So I'm genderfluid, which means my gender is not fixed. ths WebMD article is half-decent and explains it a bit better. My birth certificate says male but I'm more feminine a lot of the time. I'm still working through all this kinda stuff but that's the gist of it for now.


(All of these can be downloaded on my itch page)

Procrastination Simulator Banner Image

Procrastination Simulator

A game about procrastination made for LD 50

Play now
IDIAPIG Banner Image


I dunno, It's a platformer i guess

Play now
IDIAPIG Banner Image

Unstable (adj.)

A short game for Ludum Dare 49 about words

Play now
IDIAPIG Banner Image

Bongo Cat 3D

A cute 3D bongo simulator made as a secret santa gift

Play now

♫ Music ♫

The synth, Hector

A funky song I made for a music class once, the name is just the first thing that popped into my head. (No, I don't know anyone called Hector and no, it's not a reference)

Fern's panpipes

A tiny tune I made using only kids' instruments. I have a "making of" video on my channel

aaaaaa - Island Song

A cover I arranged and mixed of Island Song from Adventure Time with some friends

Wow there's not much here. I plan to fill this list some more, but I'm very bad at finishing projects so who knows :/

Web thingies

This website! (does that count? idk).

The goal of this site was to be a kind of portfolio for stuff I do, and also I just wanted to make a website

I somehow got an idea in my head that I wanted it to be as small as possible and so I sacrificed a whole lot of maintanability to make it all in one page. I got a lot of help from my friends so thx for that :)


A VERY work in progress save code generator for some games. At the moment it only works for Idle Breakout

Again, got a couple things WIP that I hope to put here, I'll keep this page updated.